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PC SoftPhone

How to install the PC Softphone?

Note: When installing the PC Softphone on an Apple device, explicit permission must be given via “Settings – Security” as the PC Softphone application is from ‘unknown publisher’.  Otherwise, it will not be possible to install / verify this app on an Apple device.

There are 2 ways to add a PC Softphone to an account:

1. Invite Users to Download PC Softphone

Users can be invited to download and install the PC Softphone on ther devices one by one or all together. 

One by one: Go to the user in the admin portal and send the PC Softphone activation email to the user by clicking on the link “Send PC Softphone information email to user”.

  • All together: Go to the account details in the admin portal and send the PC Softphone activation email to all users by clicking on the link. “Send PC Softphone documentation email to all users”.

If you send the PC Softphone activation email to the User, download the link an log in with his/her User Portal credentials (email and password). A new “PC Softphone” device is automatically created in the Administration Portal.

2. Add a  PC Softphone in the Administrator Portal (before the User logs into the PC Softphone)

  • Go to Add device -> PC -> Model: PC Softphone,
  • Choose the version and assign it to the User of your choice

Always use a unique email address across our platform for each User’s login (e.g., do not use info@in2cloud.be for multiple Users).

Synchronization of contacts

Internal contacts and BLFs are automatically generated in the PC Softphone. If the User wants to have access to their global and private contacts, you can check the “global and private contacts” box on the “Extra” tab through the Administrator Portal.


  • If you enable this option, all contacts (private + global + internal with BLF) will be displayed in the Contacts tab of PC Softphone. BLFs will no longer be kept at the top of the contacts tab. We recommend using the contact lists through the User Portal or directly from the company’s CRM.
  • The PC Softphone is also compatible with our Phone Companion and can be selected as the preferred Click to call device.
  • Contacts synchronized from a particular CRM or ERP via Contact Sync are not displayed in the PC Softphone.


The User can configure their preferred settings themselves by clicking on the headset icon in the upper left corner of the PC Softphone.

It is also possible to show or hide certain windows.