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In this example we will show you how to configure a Grandstream GXP2135 in order to work together with a GDS3710. GXP21xx series support audio and video (JPEG) when integrated with GDS3710.

Note that in order to work with video preview and to configure the open door option on the phone you need to work with FIXED IP addresses on the GDS3710 and on the Phone. The fixed IP can be configured through the In2Cloud portal if you don’t have a DHCP server. Please make a reservation for these devices if you have a DHCP server.

1. Provision the phone via the In2Cloud portal.
Choose a device nickname, assign the phone to a user and enter the MAC address of the phone in the portal. Select the appropriate Model of phone and push on the save button

2. Configure the open door button via the device GUI.

Enter the local IP address of the phone in your browser in order to access the GUI of the phone. Login with the admin credentials of your device.
Go to Settings —> External Service

Set the Service Type to GDS.

Select the related account, in our example, the account used is Account 1.

Specifies the System Identification, to identify the GDS3710, in our example its “GDS3710Test”.

Specifies the System Number which is the GDS3710 number. In our case, we are using the internal IP address of the GDS3710.

Configures the Access Password which is the “Remote PIN to Open the Door” configured on the GDS3710 Web GUI settings. The password used in our example is “999”.

Also make sure that the option ‘Accept Incoming SIP from Proxy Only’ is set to No.