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Receptionist console

Receptionist console

Some customers require a receptionist console with advanced functionalities such as:

  • Visualization of all company members
  • Advanced call control (drag/drop call transfer, hangup, intercept…)
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Integration with LDAP directories (such as MS Active Directory)
  • Possibility to integrate with web-based CRM systems
  • Easy click to call
  • Recording
  • Chat
  • Email

You may download the Windows installer below. This is a 30-day trial version. Please contact us to get your permanent license.

Remark : The trial version should be installed by downloading the exe and MANUALLY configuration, NOT through the provisioning !

Under the I2C portal, please create a new device “PC / Tablet” and there select VOP as model and then the version you want. We support three different versions:

  • Standard: It’s the full version, with all the features enabled;
  • Lite: this version contains the same opions than the Standard one, but has a limited number of saved contacts in the directories;
  • Micro: This is a limited version, the interface is limited to the minimum (no full screen possible) and has a limited amount of contacts in the directories.

The installation process is now simplified and use the provisionning. In order to install the application, once you created the device, you should be able to download the installer and the configuration file. To facilitate the move/change of your application, I strongly advise you to create a new folder and put both files in it before running the installer.

For your information, all the contacts you have created under the user portal are pushed in the application under two different directories. One called “Global” for the share contacts and another called “Private” with the user’s private contacts.

This softphone is a SIP device. Don’t forget to create it on your IPBX and to add it into a call flow.

You can consult more information on the use of the VOP in the Quick Reference Guide
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