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Manual Presence

Manual Presence

It is possible to define a custom BLF on the phone to change the behaviour of the callflows. Concretely, the callflow behaviour is changed if the BLF on the phone is RED or GREEN.
Several business cases are possible, like a calendar bypass, a manual open/close for the main company number, the monitoring of a callflorwarding.

First Step : create a callflow to toggle the BLF

Make a new callflow, asign it a number. That number will be used to activate the function. Drop the Get presence module on the callflow and create new presence.

Select the first state of the BLF and set the action it should trigger when it is hit.

Set also what happens when the BLF is hit again. You should arrive at something like this :

You have to insert a media file after the ‘Set presence’ indicating that the function was activated. This will give an audio confirmation to the user that the action was succesfull and avoid to receive an error message on the phone.

Second step : use the ‘get presence function’ you created to take decisions inside your callflow

Third Step : use the callflow extention of step 1 in a function Key