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Google People

Google People


1. Configure the Contact Sync

Here you can find the documentation for this:

2. Configure the Phone Companion 

Receive notifications on incoming calls and make outgoing calls using click to dial with the Phone Companion. 

For the installation of the PhoneCompanion please refer to our specialized website: https://phonecompanion.cloud

Configure your PhoneCompanion to display a link to the detail screen of a contact on an incoming call from a known phone number, and/or add a link to create a new contact in your CRM or other cloud application.

3. Specific information for Google People

This integration will sync contacts from one group or label in your Google People, to your phonebook.

Please note that GSuite does not have a concept of a “central/global directory”, but you can delegate access to multiple people. For example, you could create an extra account in Gsuite, and delegate access of the contacts of this account to all team members.

More info: https://support.google.com/contacts/answer/2590392?hl=en

4. Detail link for Phone Companion

Contact detail link:


(opens the contact list, no direct link possible to one contact)


Add new contact link:


(opens the contact list with button “Add” at the top, no direct link possible to create a new contact)