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Smart SIP Trunking

Brio Integration

In2Cloud and Portima (www.portima.com) have done a Partnership to integrate their respective cloud platforms in order to increase the productivity of Insurance Brokers using both solutions.

IMPORTANT: in order to ensure customer satisfaction, only Partners who have been trained + certified for the Portima integration are allowed to do such deployments.

Please follow the instructions below in order to setup notifications and to be able to make outgoing calls through the click to call function in BRIO via an external IPBX.


The broker needs to contact the Portima helpdesk before the implementation of the Brio-In2Cloud integration and ask for the In2Cloud integration to be activated on the Brio side (Code 153).

Features provided by the In2Cloud-Brio integration

At this point in time, this integration mainly includes 2 features:

  • Click-to-call: the Broker clicks on a phone number in Brio and the call is automatically launched on his phone
  • Notification in Brio on incoming call: when a call comes in, the Broker is notified and the customer record opens automatically 

Click to call in Brio

Notification in Brio on incoming call

This feature is handled by Web Socket Events generated by the In2Cloud platform when a call comes into a callflow that contents a WS Event box. The Brio application subscribes to the event. When the event occurs on In2Cloud, it triggers an action in Brio (notification of an incoming call in our case). 

Configuration required in the BRIO software

In Brio, go to Profile -> courtier/Signalétique – Paramètres

In Brio, select « Données courtier suite »

Select the tab “spécifique” and check that “Code 153: Integration In2Cloud” has indeed been activated by Portima. If not, contact Portima helpdesk.

Generate an API key for BRIO in the Account Details part of your In2Cloud PBX

From the same place (Données courtier suite); select the tab identification. Enter the API key into Token. This only needs to be done once per Brio account.

In Brio, go to utilisateur → Mes données – Paramètres

Copy Code (sasa in the example)
Copy E-mail address (as the Username in In2Cloud MUST be the E-mail address used in Brio)


Go to Outils/Utilisateur/Identification


Create WS Events. You can create several events. Event names cannot include spaces. Events must be in lower caps. Events must be separated by semi-columns (;)

In the example below, 2 events were created:

  • generalnumber: this is an event that will be triggered when a call arrives on the general number of the broker. It will be used to trigger a popup for several users. In Brio it will be configured with all user that need to get a popup when a call comes in to the general number.
  • usersamy: this is an event that will be triggered when a call arrives on the direct number of the user Samy. In Brio it will only be configured with that user.
  • Note: by default, Brio automatically creates a WS Event for each user. Its syntax is: briocf_user_BrioUserCode. You can use that event name but you have to make sure that you use an event named briocf_user_samy in the In2Cloud callflow


Create users on In2Cloud

Important: the Username in In2Cloud MUST be the E-mail address used in Brio

Configuration in the In2Cloud Portal

For the setup of the Trunk between our platform and the external PBX please refer to the SIP Trunking page.

First we have to put an Event box before directing the number to the Trunk. Select the Event box from the Developer tools menu in the Action bar and drop it on top of the callflow.

When configurating the EVENT :

  • Configure the same event name like the one you chose in BRIO
  • Choose the type WebSockets.  (Note : if you want to use the default syntax put ‘briocf_user_sasa’ instead of ‘usersamy’).
  • Choose in which number format the contacts are stored in BRIO.


The number format 00 32 2 … is not supported for incoming recognition.

The second step consists in dropping the configured Trunk on the Event Box. 

Incoming calls will now trigger a popup in Brio and the phone of the user associated to the external number will ring. 


Outgoing setup – Click to call  in BRIO

First create a device of the type ‘External Number’ and assign it to the user that wants to use the click to dial feature. The external number has to be present in the number manager of the I2C portal. 

Also make sure these numbers are configured on your external IPBX and are routed to the correct user. 

Select “Always registered’ in the options of the device.

Now create a new callflow going to the Trunk of your IPBX and add the number that was used in the external device. If you have several external numbers, they can all be put in the same callflow.