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Bria Mobile (iOS)

Bria Mobile (iOS)

Bria Mobile is popular among iPhone users. We don’t provision the softphone but it is possible to configure it manually.

First create a device of type smartphone in your In2Cloud portal and leave the type and model as unknown.

Go to the Credentials tab and use the information you find in there to configure your device. 

Tip : Try to avoid 0 or o in the username and password since you will have to enter this manually in the Bria Mobile software and confusion can easily occur.

Open Bria Mobile

Go to the settings and add a new account

Fill in the device credentials as you can find them on the In2Cloud Device page.

Don’t forget to click enable once you are done

Bria Push service should be enabled by default. Keep this setting since it will save your phone battery. If it is not enabled, please do it yourself.